This is my hometown weather station Davis 2.0 WSW Exp Farm, located on the campus of the University of California, Davis.  Since 1871 it has been relocated westward several times, and most of the data prior to 1907 was lost in a fire, except for some from 1893 to 1897.  Data has been collected at this site since 1965.

California Climate Change

This website shows the supporting data for the book California Climate Change by Wayne Raymond.  The data is organized in three pages: one for aggregate data from twenty-seven weather stations spread throughout the state, one for aggregate data for each of the seven NOAA climate divisions within the state, and one for all of the twenty-seven individual stations.

California's seven climate divisions and the weather stations found in each are illustrated here.

Division 1:  The North Coast, with stations at Orleans, Eureka, and Ukiah.

Division 2:  The Sacramento Valley watershed, with stations at McCloud, Quincy, Orland, Colfax, and Davis

Division 3: The Northeast watershed, draining into the basin of Nevada and Utah, with stations at Cedarville, Susanville, and Tahoe City.

Division 4:  The Central Coast, with stations at Watsonville, Pinnacles National Monument, and San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly).

Division 5:  The San Joaquin Valley watershed, with stations at Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite National Park, Newman, Friant, and Lindsay.

Division 6:  The South Coast, with stations at Santa Barbara, Oceanside, and Cuyamaca.

Division 7:  The Southeast Desert, with stations at Independence, Trona, Fairmont, Needles, Mecca, and Brawley.

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